Happy Halloween

By: Jorge Ledesma

Nov 01 2015

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Category: holidays

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Today marked the beginning of a new journey with the infamous XT1. I never thought the EVF was something to behold but oh my Gosh. I’ve owned the X-E1, X100, X-Pro 1, X-E2, and the X100s (in that order) and I generally liked their EVFs. They worked, I didn’t really mind them at all and I just simply got used to them quite easily. I mean you’re talking to a guy that actually like the the LVF-1 of the Panny GF1 (my first EVF). Actually, I thought it was transformative towards my photography at that time, about 5 years, but the XT1’s EVF is just “something else,” its simply incredible.

I leave with you some shots from this evening while walking on Miracle Mile doing some trick or treating with Isabel.




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